Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Battle of taste: Yoghurt

I was intrigued by the appearance of the yogurt as I was walking in Bugis Junction. The JCO yogurt looked delicious and there was a Yami yogurt further down too.

Didn't take any pictures though. Dom and I tried both at the same time. The prices are similar, with JCO being more generous on the yoghurt. The topping wise, JCO's looks more attractive with the variety spread and size of the cuts.

However, in terms of yogurt, Yami yogurt taste lighter and more appealing. JCO yogurt is richer in flavor but is much sweeter and gives a sickening feeling with more mouthfuls of yoghurt.

Anyway, there is the Yoguru to try too. I have tried but so long ago so the taste vaguely remembered. Texture wise, in my impression, Yoguru seems the best, but price wise, Yoguru seems more expensive too.

Next up, I think will do a battle of taste for orange juices. ^^

Sunday, September 5, 2010

BBQ and lessons

Last night I organized a BBQ because I am having craving for BBQ food. Things did not turn well at the start.

1st lesson learned:
Not to discuss everything on a mass conversation since some will be reading and some will not, it will be better to put as a FB event. I thought that while I mentioned the activity pretty clear but turns out on the day itself, friends were calling my dear to ask what is going on. >.< I in turn smsed, but I guess that was too late, ended up only my dear came to shop with me at J8 for the food. We carried the very heavy food and prepared at his house. This in my plan beforehand was supposed to be more people helping us. I do feel disappointed that the rest took the 2nd option to turn up later at the BBQ, but I accredit that to my poor organizing skills too. I had no prior experience in organizing a BBQ.

2nd lesson learned:
I should have estimated the servings for the total group, come up with a shopping list (with quantities stated) and derived the budget. I went only with research at BBQ packages which I deemed too expensive and quantity may be insufficient. I have no clue as to how much food big eaters need. The budget over run from 10 per pax to 15 per pax and some amount I absorbed.

3rd lesson learned:
Delegation of jobs is necessary. I was thinking if I want the BBQ, I should do everything, but ended up if I had delegated, some costs can be avoided (such as spare paper plates, cups, disposable table top not needed). The drinks was delegated at the last min when dear suggested, everything was really too much to carry.

I guessed that sums up: a bad start. The preparation of food was a bit rush but the worst to come was the transportation of food. We had to stuffed 3 aluminum trays of food into a not-big-enough plastic bag. Thanks to dear for the support. We took cab to ZH's place. The reason we prepare at dear's place was the fact that ZH told me he reassured his parents we will not be bothering them so I think the best is to prepare food elsewhere.

Well, at least everyone turned up, even though a few were really engrossed in their LAN games but they did helped later. My dear provided the biggest help of all - carrying the shopping bags, useful suggestions, helping to prepare the food, doing the BBQ for a large portion of the time... (K) THANK YOU, DEAR.

Lol, my most craved food, the BBQ chicken wings turned out not very nice, I prefer the bacon enoki and prawns. The prawns were expensive but the size I guess worth the price.

The cake which I initially bought had smudge the top when I put it in my bag. I had to change another cake (turns out nice as well). The initial pink cake also very good, despite having marshmellow which I thought will be not so nice, the cake tasted like ice cream cake ^^.

Ah, to conclude, thank you everybody for the support. I may not organize BBQ again because is really troublesome (much faster and simpler to go seoul garden), but the BBQ ended well and enjoyable.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

38 mins past the time you promised

A song which you sent me the lyrics long ago, during a time when we were both upset.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Current feelings

The paragraph of the song said it all. How to get used to life of a single when I have been attached for so long? Though was not like we broke up or what, the mere thought of us being so far apart in time and space generated all these emotions and thoughts described in the song.

We have really been through so many happy and sad moments. Many a time, without me having speak what is on my mind, you would have know what I was thinking - that was really a close bond we shared after about 6yrs 9mths of hard work. The video (not done by me) has the lyrics meanings translated in English, so hope you will enjoy watching.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Days without Dom

The day that immediately followed after Dom's departure wasn't well. I used to think I was strong enough to let him go pursue his dreams. After all, the main role of the other half should be to provide support and love to push you to achieve and to cushion your falls. Yet I feel that I failed in that. On the surface, I tried so hard to want him go enjoy his trip, his experience of a lifetime. Deep inside, I was upset about his trip with another girl only.

The first day I suffered depression. The second day was better after Dom tried so hard to find a cybercafe to explain the situation over his side. The third day which is today, I broke down again just from a mere photo of him being so close to the other gal, which he claimed they were not close.
I was upset from the fact that that photo showed nothing except their faces seemingly sticking to each other. I was upset that this was often our most intimate shot together, and he did the same with another girl. That felt like our pictures were not special anymore. I sensed no difference, but Dom told me the difference was that he loved me, but he do not love the girl. Should I be happier after hearing that? When you do not love her, yet still can do such an intimate shot, be it the girl using her camera to take the picture, you allowed her to do so as well.

The picture was later taken down, but the damage was done. The heartache was there. The argument he defended himself was I was physically close but not mentally close to her. Sigh~ I felt like I was tearing myself apart, with two personalities fighting inside me - one telling me just open one eye, close one eye, let him do what he felt right, the other one was like my boyfriend wasn't even considering my feelings when the photo was taken. His friend defended that he felt obliged to the girl to take that photo when she was his traveling mate, but really what obligations does my boyfriend owe her? I know I was easily jealous and still is, but I tried to control my negative feelings by distancing myself. I don't wish to add additional stress or pressure to your already stressed period overseas, what should I do? The time zone difference also meant that while I can be still upset, it was time for you to sleep. While I upset till I cannot sleep, you will be busy till cannot entertain me at all. Sigh~ so much for understanding.

Forgiving and moving on, I played badminton with his friends in the late afternoon. The court beside my house was too windy and so we moved to another court. At first it was the glaring Sun made it difficult to spot the shuttlecock. After when we played for a while, one racket's strings torn and Jon put on the cover and continued playing despite strong air resistance. Some time later, a group of kids asked to join in the game. I have only 4 rackets (2 good ones and 2 lousier ones, incl the chui one), Dom's friends came so far just to play badminton so was not very nice to ask them let the kids play. The kids asked like three to four times whether they can join in to play. I was hesitating because of previous experience (table tennis session same thing happened and not very pleasant), and because of the mindset that one must learn to share and that it was better to brighten someone's day than to spoil it. I gave up the good racket I am holding, thus the kid joined in. They were even passing my racket around, pushing who should go first when the friends were waiting for them to continue the game.

Anyway, the kids do not really know how to play but yet they tried their best to enjoy the game. Dom's friends also went very easy with them, kind of defeat our purpose of exercising but then, they are just kids, so we should be good examples to teach them to share?

The game continued for a very long time, we were taking more turns to rotate than the kids. One simply played very long and the rest watched on. Even when someone hurried the kid to go off for some activity, the kid refused to leave the game. Eventually after a lot of persuasion then that kid passed on my racket to the next kid. The vicious cycle continued. Eventually, the kids made us passed three rackets to them. The only friend in there playing was not even getting much shots since they were like playing among themselves. All their moves were not very correct and when I tried to correct them, they just said "forget" and preservered their stubborn ways. One even tried to teach me, I was like "he is just a kid". For one thing, I never tried hitting many times despite the fact that I can reach the shuttle cock was because he was in the way and I was scared of hitting him. He blocked me from hitting and keep missing too, quite frustrating. I guessed my limit was reached when I told them a number of times not to scratch the racket on the floor and they still do, saying that was how they treated their own rackets. They were holding the good rackets (both of them). They despised the lousier ones and did not know how to treasure other people's items. What can I say? Kids... can I have the rackets back? My friends wanted to play too. One was like so relieved "Ah I was feeling very tired." I was thinking then why did you not give up your racket? The other was like "Why I have to give up kind?", giving me that very reluctant look. We ended the game then and returned to my house to play Uno stacko. :D Much happier I supposed. Haha, Zong keep crashing the tower of blocks.

We had dinner at the marketplace after I checked if my Dear dear Dom went online. He was still sleeping, so we left for dinner. A day just went by, one less day to seeing Dom again?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Before Dom left for United States (Promises)

This is another backlog. After Dom left, I think I have been quite hardworking on my blog. :p

An entry about the things we did before he left, promise to cook for me finally fulfilled after like 5yrs of waiting and my anticipated trip to Changi Boardwalk. :D
Dom Dom in my house kitchen, cooking potato patties and lemongrass chicken shrimp (from here) without lemongrass and with shrimp being replaced by big prawns.

The total damage of the 2 dishes came up to $45.20!!. The prawns taking a huge portion of the cost, being that Dom cannot find cooked shrimps ($7.95) so he bought a box of frozen big prawns ($28.90). Oh well, in any case, we just used a portion of the prawns. He cannot find lemongrass, neither do I know where to get it, so we skipped that ingredient. Oh, Dom also replaced big onions with small onions with the fact he don't like onions at all so the smaller the better. He never buy any spring onions because he don't like that as well. >.< The taste was quite nice, and smelled yummy. A very good start for someone who cooked for the first time.

Great job, Dear dear.

Changi Boardwalk

Starting off with our plan, we saw the map and I was quite greedy, wanting to explore the whole of the Boardwalk. There were 2 routes, both also very long. Dom estimated the time for the whole walk will probably be 2 hrs for each route. I estimated our bus journey via no.2 will be 2 hrs as well. Ended up we overestimated the time for the entire trip. We will reached there, according to plan, at about 1pm, to have lunch at Changi village. We should set off our first route at about 2pm (the route around the buildings) and finished at about 4pm, to take a short break (1/2hr) and by the time we set off on the 2nd route (along the coast) should be late afternoon to evening hence should be very cooling and filled with nice scenery of sunset. Upon finishing, we shall have dinner at Changi village again.

Overestimated bus trip let us reach at 12pm instead of 1pm. Our lunch ended at about 1pm. The first part of the journey ended at 1:47pm. Even taking a short break, we were very well ahead of schedule. Before 2pm we embarked on the 2nd route. We finished at about 3pm. How to eat dinner at that time? We just have some snack and moved on to go Suntec city, stopping by National Library for my toilet break and Bras Basah Complex to check out some books.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Riders Lodge Part 5

The last day of our Malaysia Trip, I mean, Kulai trip. The itenary was so simple but oh well, we had to eat breakfast at the resort (or hotel) instead of some coffee shops elsewhere. In any case we have booked a taxi with the resort (or hotel) to go IOI mall for some shopping :D. After that, following Mosmos's instructions, there will be a bus stop near the Kulai Hospital to return to Singapore.

Cute Kitten in front of IOI mall captured my attention. IOI mall basically has a number of clothes shops that sell quite attractive clothes, but the clothes cannot fit me :(. The Malaysian ladies are so skinny, plus I put on a lot of weight during my trip. Ah, I bought some souvenirs here for my friends. We have pizza hut as lunch, quite worth it due to the currency exchange. There was Paparoti I think or was it Rotiboy? It has evolved to selling shakes as well. Aww~ but what a pity I am carrying big bags small bags and was feeling super full then. Thus cannot takeaway nor eat the buns and drink the milkshake.

We finished at about noon or one, around there. There were a few taxis outside, but the taxi drivers don't look very friendly so we shall stick to the taking bus plan. First of all have to find the Kulai hospital. In my impression, a hospital will have the red cross sign so should not be so hard to find?

I was terribly wrong. The building did not resemble a hospital. Luckily Dom have GPS (GPS right? Not GPRS hor) that helps to identify that building as a hospital. We have to walk on to see if there was any bus stops. Reaching there, there was like 2 bus stops in opposite directions. I have no idea which direction to take so I asked the locals. The school boy boy also have no idea which bus go to Singapore but he said should be opposite direction. We waited for the traffic lights and during then Dom said "Why not jay walk?" Oh well, in Malaysia, I kinda heard that the traffic lights are mere guidelines, and after I said that, even during red light, a car just sped through.

At the bus stop, I had to enquire with the mama shop auntie. She cannot really speak English well, so we used a bit of sign language. Dom asked how many bus and she replied "Satu". Amazing, one communicated English, one replied Malay still can make sense. Dom have no idea what is satu. Luckily, NPCC last time trained me some malay words. :p

At the bus stop waiting for bus pictures~

原来 There is no direct bus to Singapore. We need to take to Larkin then there will be bus to Singapore.

Ah, on the road to Larkin, I have no idea where to drop, forgotten it should be a terminal (hence the end station). Using Dom's GPS again, made us kan cheong for nothing. It was me who have no idea how it works, thus when it reached 0m left and the bus continuing moving I panicked. The 0m was actually the end of a phase.

Once on the bus to Singapore, I felt so relieved. Yet that was not the end. We had to alight at the Malaysian Customs and was such a long queue. Ok, long queues. We managed to cut our queues in half when a new station opened. While waiting for our turn, I heard someone shouted new station and wanted to follow but Dom pulled me back. The crowd formed a new queue which dispersed after someone said false alarm. Haha, lucky we never change. This process repeated itself for 3 times? When I finally reached the counter, the Customs Officer was like rolling his eyes at the then again happening pattern and laughing at the false alarm. It was after I cleared, that a new station truly opened.

Following that was a series of queuing for bus, boarding bus, alighting and more queueing. Finally reached my home at about 8 plus pm. Truly exhausted, poor Dom still have to make his way home.

Riders Lodge Part 4

Continuing from where I left off, should be 2nd day night. Since after the last session of horse ride we lazed in the room, bathing and watching television. Maybe we did slept a while?

Anyway, here are the pictures of our dinner then. The soup with my drink and Dom's drink, followed by the main course and the desserts.

I felt so pampered. Then again, coming here was really like eat and sleep. The horse riding sessions were short and not as fat-burning as I had expected. I guessed I put on more weight here than losing.

The third day was quite relaxing, no more horse-riding sessions so also need some activities to pass time. Dom decided we should go play pool. This should be the first time I am playing pool.

After which we had our lunch for 3rd day as below:

Following that we went back to the room to slack off again, nothing much to do.
I suggested we try walking to that temple which we saw on our way in. That was like approx 5km away.
Seems quite okay to walk such a distance since it was still early and that we walked 10km before (in Singapore). Never did I expect the weather to be so scorching despite my sunblock and the road to be so unfriendly. The initial road was still okay, there about 3km there will be a turn to the main road and there were so many lorries and cars, no path for pedestrians at all. Beside the road was a slope all the way into the wildness. Reaching upon the turn, we decided to head back since not very feasible to walk on such a road.

Here are some of the pictures taken along the way:

It was about late afternoon when we returned. Took a quick shower and watched television, resting a while too before we went out to take dinner. It was National Day (Singapore) Special. They arranged a BBQ buffet. The picture is a bit small. They had staffs to do the BBQ and we just take what we want. The staffs also used banana leaves to disperse the flies. Quite cute la the sight.


After clearing some backlog of blog entries, now coming back to present. My life seems so empty now that Dear dear went on a trip of 4 mths with another girl. -.-

I guessed with another girl kind of puts a sting in my heart, but the main thing is that I missed him badly ba. How to sleep peacefully when each time I sleep I dream of him missing me only to wake up and realised it was all a dream lei? It seems almost a century long since we last communicated. It isn't that much of a worry since I received sms from him when he safely reached Doha and New York.

It seems and feels like a void in our relationship - a 4-months void in a 7-going-to-be-8-years of relationship. Faith in you doesn't cure me of my heartache when I missed you each time and you weren't there. Maybe this is just the start of our separation, my thoughts are just running wild.

How it feels when each time I want to spend more time with you, that girl simply interrupted. How it feels when each time I talking to you halfway and you were pulled away by her mother to do something else or to say something else. Those are simply frustrating moments that made me regret why did I even come and send you off. When you told your friends I was contradicting myself - wanting you to go and not wanting you to go as well, how true. I want you to go because I know you have been working so hard and looking forward to an experience of school life in another culture, another country. You are really joyful when they approved your visa despite the mistake in it, that you need not defer your flight and waste your hotel fees too. I don't want you to go because I know I will miss you badly, but that is selfish isn't it? To cling on to you, knowing that you will have a regret in your life not to be able to do this thing which you so wanted to do. I don't want you to go, wishing we will have more time together. There are so many things which we have yet to do, so many places we have yet to go together.

I thought we will have a nice farewell before you go into the departure hall. I thought you will have words to tell me just before you leave. Ended up you were hurried into the departure hall by that girl and her mother and I only have enough time to stuff another sweet into your mouth. :( By the way when you go in, you never even look back at me, just looking at the other girl. How much you just want to go America is apparent. There wasn't even a moment of hesitation. You can say I was childish, jealous, overpossessive. What I want to do back then, to erase them both away, whether using liquid paper or eraser or even gimp, to use Sankon Tessou (Inuyasha) to rip them to shreds so that at least we can have quiet moments of our own. Then again, if the girl is absent, you'd be travelling on your own. That would be lonely. I don't wish to be like Sosuke (Last Friends) to go and beat up other people just because I am simply jealous. I stood away from you all when you were checking in your luggage. The girl, her mother and her friends were simply crowding around you. I was clearly upset that you never even notice my absence around but you also never realise.

What for pull me closer to you? When I just stood there like a vase, no space for me to talk to you or anything. I was simply hoping you'd faster settle and leave them far away. Never did I realised your Visa had problems. I felt your fear that you cannot board the plane as you wished but I cannot fear any sadness in you of leaving me behind. You bought webcams so that we can stay connected, but until now there was no sign of you. It should be night time there. Am I forgotten?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Riders Lodge Part 3

Breakfast on the second day looked good. As what Dom had predicted, ah, it was my favourite BOH tea.

Strangely Dom had no trouble eating so much eggs. I never expect so much drinks. Dom was like telling the waiter orange juice and the waiter replied that the orange juice was fixed item, just have to choose between tea and coffee. I chose tea and I realised I had to finish one whole pot of tea. >.<

I felt super lazy and getting fatter each day so we went out to have a short walk nearby. Behind me was the golf course. The lessons will only start at about eleven. Thus we slowly walked back and this time I brought the camera to take pictures. The horses were really huge and quite scary to stand behind it lest it kick suddenly.

As there were limited sessions for beginners and in order to reduce our costs, Dom and I were to ride at the same sessions throughout so taking pictures had to trouble the trainers there.

This white horse that I was riding was a different white horse, much more obedient. Although the walking speed is very slow, so much that I lagged behind the rest again. I guessed I have not grasp the technique of horse riding yet. After the session, we went to take some pictures with the horses. I was really afraid to stand beside their head initially, scared of getting nipped. What ended up was this brown horse next to me actually licked a place he not supposed to - hamsup horse >.<

Our lunch with salad was to be finished in a rush, so as to rest a short while before our last session of horse riding begins. As I were thinking since the first two sessions I have gotten white horses, I can give up hope of getting a nice brown one, thus I decided no point in bringing my camera. Alas, my last session was the nicest session with a huge BROWN horse with a faster gait. Guess the trainers there got sick of waiting for me so better choose a faster one for me. :p

Riders Lodge Part 2

We reached Riders Lodge after about half an hour ride on the taxi. The place is situated like out of nowhere kind.
Being tired carrying so much stuff around, our check in was smooth and we had welcome drinks - fruit punches. The bed was huge and nice. The only thing which I wasn't used to was the flies. They are almost everywhere, okay, except in the bedroom. At least that was the situation on the first day. We rested for a while since we will be having one (horse-riding) session in the evening on the first day and two sessions tightly packed together on the second day.

Really excited to have close encounters with the horses, I hurried Dom to go with me to the stables to beo and touch the horses. Dom was like "Wait, we can take a nap first then later just go earlier for the session then can take pictures with the horses."

Ok ended up we never take pictures then because of the horse riding I need to use both hands and was scared the camera may damage from any falls. Anyway there was plenty of time, so first session no pictures taken.

The ride was quite exasperating for me because the horse was so unwilling to move, so while seeing the rest move quite smoothly, my ride was having quite a number of hiccups. Towards about the middle of the lesson, the instructor had to ask me to hold a whip next to the horse just to pressurise him to walk. I never really whip the horse or anything. The attitude of the horse did progressed a bit.

After the session ended, I felt I am soaked in sweat, but the horse wasn't any better since I was quite heavy.
We bathed and rested a short while then had to go down for dinner.

Our dinner was quite nice, surprisingly very filling.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Riders Lodge Part 1

This is my first overseas trip with Dom Dom.

We set off early in the morning, meeting at 6:30am at Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station to go to the train station together. Our train was scheduled to depart at 7:40am. We did not really know what are the procedures for boarding the train so we blindly followed what the rest of the people did.

We sat in the economy class, each ticket is 7sgd. The cabin was air-conditioned and the seats were reclined seats. It was comfortable except for the fact that I did not know food can be brought into the train and was feeling hungry when a family whipped out their aromatic breakfast. There were tiny cockroaches here and there too, one was on my seat, luckily Dom Dom alerted me to it. Fortunately that was not big enough to make me scream the whole cabin off :p.

The train trip was relatively smooth, with short queues at the Singapore Customs. The disappointment came when we were at Johor train station. Train was not moving for more than 2 hours. It was supposedly to arrive at Kulai station at 0927h but at that point in time we were still at Johor station. Train started moving at approx. 10am. We arrived in Kulai at 1025h.

Using the map I printed out the day before, we managed to navigate to the Giant Hypermarket nearby. Though it was a supposedly 400m walk, the walk seemed super long and tedious due to the poor conditions of the pavement. There were huge holes due to broken drain covers and one can simply put the whole foot into the holes easily. We were hungry and settled our lunch at Marry Brown Restaurant.

The fish fillets were hot on the outside, a bit cold and tasted slightly raw on the inside. There was a slight flour taste in it as well, making it not nice if without the tartar sauce. The rest was quite okay. We went into the supermarket to purchase some tidbits to prevent us from being hungry in the hotel should the food being unable to satisfy. Never did I know that that was 多此一举, ended up we carry a huge bag of stuff which we never get to use and had to carry throughout the trip. After exploring the whole shopping mall, we sat down to have teh peng and milo peng which were very nice and thick.

There was so much time to spend since the taxi which we arranged with the hotel was to arrive at Kulai station at 1:30pm. We walked back to Kulai KTM at 12:45pm.

A sight of a cute Kulai cat before we saw our taxi coming in at 1:05pm. The taxi driver arrived early and was surprised to see us arriving even earlier. We explained that we had been shopping before returning back to the station. We proceeded to board the taxi to Riders Lodge. :D

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hmm what to say? What has been going on in my life?
I haven't update for quite some time. I have been working, pak tohing, gaming and erm.. studying here and there. Nothing much has change, except maybe I have put on more weight :p. There hasn't been much of a special outing yet, hence the lack of photos (unless gimped pics are counted).

Quite a number of photos are uploaded to facebook. I know I resented having a facebook account at one point in time, if not because of my boyfriend who tempted me with mafia war game, I'd probably not have started a fb account.

Recently the weather has been scorching. The weed lookalike plant at the bottom was the dying dill plant, or should be 3/4 dead. The lemon plants are happily growing away despite the burning heat.

Meanwhile, an idea for a movie plot popped into my head. I shall just share for fun.

One robot geek guy has this friend who has never been attached. His friend believed that no girls will fall for him (kinda no confidence in himself), so this robot geek guy decided to create a female model robot for his friend as a "girlfriend" replacement.

The geek then sought out a female who is willing to poise nude in order for him to create a lifelike replica for the robot. He got the contact number, took photos of her and started preparing the material for moulding.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The robot is completed. It has functions similar to that of a normal human, able to walk, talk and do activites like household chores. The geek presented the robot to his friend, telling him at the same time to wash her everyday to prevent the material from getting dirty (i.e., like bathing her). His friend is thrilled.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The robot broke down one day. The guy returned the robot to the geek to fix. The geek told him to return home for time being while he tries to fix the robot. The repair will take quite a long time and hence the geek contacted the girl model to pretend as a robot to keep his friend company for the time being. The girl agreed.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Many funny events happened then. For e.g., the girl was pushed into the toilet and the guy was about to strip her for a wash. The girl was shocked inside her heart but remained emotionless on her face. She told the guy in a robotic voice that the geek has installed new programs in her, giving her the ability to wash herself because the guy hasn't wash her cleaner. The guy was stunned and the next moment he was pushed out of the bathroom. The guy was amazed at the flowing motions, the new abilities of his robot. He thanked the geek over the phone for his upgrades. During the period of time spent together, the girl and the guy developed feelings for each other. The girl is still pretending as an advanced robot while the guy had no idea she is a real girl.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The robot was repaired and the girl left in the middle of the night to be replaced by the robot. The guy noticed the differences and went to his geek friend to inquire. He wanted what was before that night, after the repair....


Erm, if anyone interested, feel free to copy and paste and edit or ... continue for me? :D
Why robots? Probably watched too much TSCC ( in fact not a lot, but the show super nice, pls cont season 3? Aii cant chut the big eye cute emote)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My memories with Jay Chou's songs

In this post, I shall happily reminisces my memories with Jay Chou's songs.

This was the first Jay's song I heard, introduced by my elder sister. I remembered Cher Han singing it in class, while sitting next to me. That time he was trying to show he knows chinese songs despite being more inclined to English stuff.

This song reminds me of Paul Tan. He liked Jay so much then that he pasted lyrics from this song and put as part of his MSN messenger nick. I have no idea as to why Jay keep singing his own name in the song, but maybe is part of sublimal message to promote himself.

This song reminds me of the time in Secondary school. I think it was sometime before the prelims or 'O' levels. Jun Xian was singing this part of the song "有些事真的來不及回不去", expressing the sentiments of the time constraints of the exams, as well as the importance.

This song reminds me of the time our whole squad went to sing karaoke at Delphi Orchard. I remembered something like Val saying she was so touched by this song that she will fell in love with anyone who sang this for her. A very sweet song~

I loved this song when I went to Catholic JC. I remembered hearing it during the OG outing when we went to play pool (I never play but sat one side to watch). I even wrote a chinese compo using this song as inspiration. A song that reminds me of those happy days spent in CJC together with my classmates.

This song was used by the dance society in CJC during a Chinese New Year performance which I watched as a spectator.

The starting was quite funny. The main content appealed to me, making me miss my childhood days, be it in Malaysia or Singapore. Those carefree days were lost.

OK that's all.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ah Chew desserts

Honeydew with sago

Mango with pomelo

The desserts were nice, despite having mini ice balls inside which made the texture less smooth.

Backtrack - Hay's dairy

A backtrack entry due to my lethargy, this was a visit to Hay's Diary with my Dear dear.

We took the MRT train to Choa Chu Kang, and took bus to the location. The bus trip was really long, but at least it dropped us near our destination. We had fun feeding Alpine grass to the goats. There was a bit of musky smell in the paddock area, which reminded me of the goat milk I drank when I was young.

The goats were fun to watch and play with. There was one goat which made an "Ahhhh" sound that really resembled a human howling. Another escaped out for a few moments of excitement and fun.

Look at that goat! He was so heavy that each step he took made the ground shake as though the T-Rex escaped from Jurassic Park to the farm. He trotted along the path and greeted other goats as if to announce his smart escape to his fellow friends. However, his joy was short lived and once again, he was back into his pen.

Before we left the place, we bought a bottle of chocolate goat milk to try out. It tasted nothing like what was in the past. The taste was like HL chocolate milk, minus the sweetness, with the sweet aroma of chocolate. It was pleasant but a tad expensive compared to cows' milk in the market.

P.S.: I had my digital camera with me, but I forgot to check the battery level. When I reached there, I took 2 pictures and it displayed critical low level and auto shut down. What a disappointment, but it was my fault. Luckily, I still have a spare hand phone camera, even though the quality was poorer.